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US/Metric Conversion Tables
Area Conversions

Multiply By This NumberTo Convert to:
hectares 2.47 acres
square kilometers 0.3861 squaremiles
square meters 1.196 square yards
acres 0.4047 hectares
square feet 0.09290394 square meters
square inches 0.00064516 square meters
square miles 2.59 square kilometers
square yards 0.83612736 square meters

Length Conversions

Multiply By This NumberTo Convert to:
centimeters 0.03281 feet
centimeters 0.3937 inches
cubic meters 35.3145 cubic feet
kilometers 0.62 miles
meters 3.2808 feet
meters 39.37 inches
meters 0.0006214 miles
meters 1.0936 yards
millimeters 0.04 inches
feet 0.3048 meters
inches 2.54 centimeters
inches 25.4 millimeters
miles 1.609347 kilometers
yards 0.9144 meters

Mass (weight) Conversions

Multiply By This NumberTo Convert to:
grains 0.0648 grams
grams 0.002205 pounds
metric tons 0.9842 tons (long 2240lb)
metric tons 1.1023 tons (short 2000lb)
grains 0.0000648 kilograms
grams 15.4324 grains
pounds 0.4535925 kilograms
tons (long 2240lb) 1.016 metric tons
tons (short 2000lb) 907.1848 kilograms
tons (short 2000lb) 0.9072 metric tons

Temperature Conversions

To Convert Do ThisResults in:
Fahrenheit (F - 32)/1.8 Celsius
Celsius ( C * 1.8) + 32 Fahrenheit
Celsius Add 273.15 Kelvin
Kelvin Subtract 273.15 Celsius

Power(Energy) Conversions

Multiply By This NumberTo Convert to:
British thermal units 1055.056 joules
calories 4.1868 joules
kilowatt-hours 3600000 joules

Volume Conversions

Multiply By This NumberTo Convert to:
Canadian Gallons 4.5461 liters
hectoliters 2.8378 U.S. bushels
liters 0.2642 gallons
liters 0.1135 pecks
liters 1.8162 pints (dry)
liters 2.1134 pints (liquid)
liters 0.908 quarts
liters 0.9081 quarts (dry)
liters 1.0567 quarts (liquid)
cubic feet 0.02831685 cubic meters
cubic inches 0.00001639 cubic meters
cubic yards 0.7645549 cubic meters
fluid ounces 0.00002957 cubic meters
fluid ounces 29.57353 milliliters
gallons 0.00378541 cubic meters
gallons 3.7853 liters
pecks 8.8096 liters
pints (dry) 0.5506 liters
pints (liquid) 0.4732 liters
quarts (dry) 1.1012 liters
quarts (liquid) 0.9463 liters
U.S. bushels 0.3524 hectoliters

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